We design, calculate and manufacture all the primary elements for flow and temperature measurement that new technologies demand, as well as level glass and magnetic level indicators for medium and high-pressure applications.


Flow rate measurement by differential pressure is widely employed due to its excellent installation maintenance cost to performance ratio. The new differential pressure transmitter designs, which are increasingly more accurate and able of integrating a larger number of process variables, support the future of this type of measuring equipments.


The thermocouples and resistance thermometers detectors are manufactured with the most advanced technology, based on mineral insulation design with magnesium oxide that is jointly extruded with a metallic sheath. The sheath is normally made of stainless steel, or of some other special alloy. This design allows that the sensor element offers a performance that widely overcomes those offered by the classic temperature elements


In those applications where a device to control the level of a vessel is not necessary, but said level must be known, glass level indicators may perform this function. Our range covers for medium and high pressure applications. Level indicators are manufactured as reflex or transparent type or glass tube version, as well as special design for very high pressures and temperatures.


The connection between primary and secondary devices or the signal conditioning is carried out by additional devices allowing maintenance and inspection. To complement our production range, we offer these devices and related valves for interconnecting, as well as accessories for sampling systems.