The thermocouples and resistance thermometers detectors are manufactured with the most advanced technology, based on mineral insulation design with magnesium oxide that is jointly extruded with a metallic sheath. The sheath is normally made of stainless steel, or of some other special alloy. This design allows that the sensor element offers a performance that widely overcomes those offered by the classic temperature elements.

These new designs offer additional advantages as large useful life, faster response time, better stability, higher isolation values and therefore, high accuracy and reliability. By applying this new technology to our production, we can offer sensor elements with diameters ranging from one millimetre to skin point temperature elements built in larger sizes, with appropriate alloys for the process atmosphere.

Our production range of sensors is complemented by their appropriate protection wells and our connection heads, electrically approved under ATEX standard, for housing terminal blocks or temperature transmitters. We are able of manufacturing all types of thermowells in the material required by the process with a total thermowell length up to 1500 millimetres without welding.

Our background allows us to offer our customers those multipoint temperature element designs that your process needs, to monitor all temperatures points required by each application. These multipoint temperature elements, whichever is the selected design, are widely mounted over reactors to have an appropriate map of temperatures.